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30-Aug-2016 06:28

I am also looking for any bombsights parts, components, accessories and technical information for the Norden, Sperry or any other bombsight.

If you have anything that might be of interest please let me know by e-mailing me at [email protected] fact this is the probably the most famous Norden Bomb Sight of them all.

Even today people still marvel at the super secret Norden Bombsight.

The development and use of this great computer is a fascinating story.

The Norden bombsight is arguably one of the most important technological advancements to come out of WWII.

Even though Carl Lucas Norden had built a prototype and was developing his bombsight well before, it was its use during WWII which made it famous.

On top of the stabilizer is an Automatic Bombing Computer with the HH-1 Tangent Scale Kit.

The stabilizer is mounted to a B-7 bombsight mount.

The sight head has a Maxon X-1 Reflex Sight and the tachometer adapter for the Glide Bombing Attachment.The Army seems to have used a standardized mount in its aircraft.The early war mount was usually some form of the B-6 mount, which was later replaced by the B-7.Here is a photo taken after the dropping of the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Ferebee with the sight he used Victor 4120 which now resides in the nose of the Enola Gay at the National Air and Space Museum as seen above.

This particular version was typical of what was used toward the end of WWII and throughout the Korean Conflict.The sight head is mounted on top of a Lucas Harold Stabilizer (L-9404).

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