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E-mail: [email protected] Phone: (517) 353-5280 RECORD YOUR MILEAGE To record the current mileage from your leased MSU vehicle, sign in using your MSU Net ID.

Note: You will be able to view the previously-recorded mileage and last entry date.

Before buying a vehicle with an Odometer Exempt title, a buyer should consider checking the title history of the vehicle, as well taking the vehicle to a trusted mechanic to have it inspected.

Some Internet companies sell vehicle history reports which may include information regarding potential odometer rollbacks.

this type of transaction cannot be handled through the mail.

To ensure the proper transfer of documents and to avoid penalties, please follow these guidelines.

If you sold or bought a vehicle The Seller must: A vehicle registered in the name of a decedent may be operated for 30 days after the date of death.

It is illegal to disconnect, reset or replace an odometer for the purpose of changing the number of miles on it.

Both federal and State laws give protection to consumers who suspect that they have purchased a car with a “rolled-back” odometer. It is also illegal to sell, use or advertise any device for tampering with an odometer.

Das umfangreiche Rahmenprogramm umfasst Präsentationen, Vorträge und Podiumsdiskussionen, sowie auch Konferenzen und Foren und informiert über aktuelle Trendthemen im Gesundheitsbereich.