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United States Secretary of Commerce Sinclair Weeks announces a 547-mile (880 km) western extension of Interstate 70 from Interstate 25 in Denver to Interstate 15 in Utah. President Grover Cleveland signs the Repeal of the Sherman Silver Purchase Act (enacted July 14, 1890), repeal fails to halt the Panic of 1893 and plunges Colorado into a massive depression.The highway extension will require burrowing under the Continental Divide of the Americas. Teller of Colorado offers the Teller Amendment to a Joint Resolution of Congress to ensure that the United States will not establish permanent control over Cuba after any conflict with Spain. Rancher Robert Miller Womack discovers a rich gold lode along Cripple Creek near Pikes Peak.Pat Schroeder of Denver takes her seat in the United States House of Representatives as Colorado's first woman delegate to the U. The Denver Broncos defeat the Cincinnati Bengals 27 to 16 in their last game as an American Football League franchise.

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This project completes the original design of the Interstate Highway System in Colorado, although improvements and enhancements will continue. The New York Nets defeat the Denver Nuggets 112 to 106 in the last American Basketball Association game ever played.

More than 30,000 homes are damaged and 1800 are destroyed. The Rocky Mountain News, the region's oldest and second highest circulation newspaper, publishes its last edition just 55 days before of its sesquicentennial (c.f.